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CMCO (Chillicothe Metal Company) offers an array of services to ensure your project is successful from concept to completion and beyond.  We build environmental enclosures/shelters/buildings to protect critical equipment worldwide as well as supporting equipment such as sub-base fuel tanks, electrical equipment, trailers, and specialty equipment.  All CMCO support services are critical to our customer’s success and we take that seriously.   Vital services that result in high quality, proven designs and products, provide the foundation that has guaranteed the success of CMCO customers for over 50 years. 
CMCO offers the following services:
Consultation:  Chillicothe Metal Company offers design consultation that will result in a product that meets and/or exceeds your needs and expectations at the lowest total cost over the lifecycle of the product.  We listen to our customers to understand their applications, objectives, and constraints.  Then, we design concepts that provide a cost effective and practical solution. 
We will sit down with you, document all of your requirements, and then draw from more than 5 decades of experience to design exactly what you need at the lowest total cost.  Our Mechanical, Electrical, Acoustical Engineering staff, and Sales Engineering staff can save you countless hours, and meet all of your objectives.  Our consultation services will move your project along in an efficient and effective manner. 
Engineering:   Chillicothe Metal Company offers Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, and Acoustical Engineering services.  CMCO takes pride in being knowledgeable and able to apply all current industry codes and standards.  With our talented team of Engineers, we can provide solutions in the development of your new project or retrofit of an older, existing project. 
Electrical:  CMCO has the ability to design electrical systems for a broad range of generator and switchgear OEM products.  CMCO provides a wide range of electrical engineering services for low and medium voltage applications to meet all of your needs. 
Acoustic:  Concerned about failing a noise test?  Not with CMCO.  We not only have years of acoustical engineering experience to draw from, we have the ability to test and validate our designs in a free field environment with minimal ambient noise.  Our acoustically engineered and treated products will meet your operating noise objective resulting in not only a happy customer and project owner, but a happy inspector as well.  Failing a noise test can result in tremendous cost in bringing the project in compliance.  Failing a noise test is never acceptable or excusable regardless of the final installation environment.  Upset customers and project delays introduce additional challenges not to mention your reputation.  Our acoustical engineering expertise will result in a structure that meets your project noise specification, passes testing, gets the job signed off, and gets you paid with a very happy customer.